Author: Sharon Sewell
Rating: ★★★★★
Location: Montgomery, AL
Date: 20171123
Source: Client Submitted

In 2003 I began to seek help for my 25 years’ worth of migraines through chiropractic manipulation.

While visiting the chiropractor, he wanted me to meet someone he thought could help. We were introduced, I asked his name and occupation; massage therapist, owner, director, Anthony Allegro of Hands On Healing. My next thought was one of wonder. Could he help me with my migraines?

Then, more out of desperation than curiosity, I began to have deep tissue massage sessions with Anthony.

I wasn’t looking for a feel-good session. I needed help and was beginning to sink into a state of depression because the pain would not go away. I was taking preventative meds, but the side effects were as bad as the migraines, maybe even worse.

What I thought would be someone working on me and me basically lying on the table as a vegetable was short-lived. Anthony worked me into being a participant of my healing.

Oh, I fought it. Looking back now; I fought it hard. Sometimes I still do. I wanted someone else to take the pain away. I didn’t think or even want to think that I had a part in this other than swallowing another fistful of meds washed down with a glass of water each and every day.

Soon afterward, I was involved in a car wreck that disrupted my musculoskeletal system into spasms, scar tissue, and severe neck pain; all over pain. Now my migraines were compounded by the car wreck, anxiety from work, anxiety from everywhere. I was becoming a basket case.

I talked to my primary care physician and told him about seeing a massage therapist and he told me to do whatever I thought would help because every time I took one pill I would have to offset that with another, change pills and then try something else. Meds and I don’t dance well together. The doctor knew it. I knew it. Anthony knew it.

It’s five years down the road. My adventure with the healing hands of Anthony Allegro is just that, an adventure into healing and taking control of my life. I prayed for years for help. I pleaded with God to take away the migraines. Instead, he lead me to Hands On Healing.

I will never stop seeing my medical doctor. He is the hub of all that I do physically. He encourages me to seek help. He has a file over an inch thick on me dealing with pain and ailments. I will always be thankful for the support he gives me in going to Hands On Healing.

I have lots of other things I can say because I appreciate Hands On Healing so much. Enough said. Come experience it. It is life-altering. I am a better person for knowing this caring man, Anthony Allegro.

Montgomery, AL