Author: Racheal Ochs
Rating: ★★★★★
Location: Montgomery, AL
Date: 20171101
Source: Client Submitted

Prior to visiting Hands On Healing in the fall of 2006, I had been diagnosed at the age of 7 with scoliosis and was involved in a major car accident in 2000.

My condition was not one that needed surgery, but it was painful, and there were many things I could not do. I had been wearing a shoe lift, which caused some lower back pain and although I had been adjusted with chiropractic care since age 11, it was the therapy at Hands On Healing which has benefitted me the most.

The changes that I have seen and felt have been amazing, and lasting! Chiropractic care afforded a “quick fix” but the sessions from Hands On Healing brought results that were felt and seen for 2 to 3 weeks after the therapy!

After one visit, I was told by my co-workers, ‘Wow! You are sitting/standing up so straight! Your shoulders always hunched over before‘.

Racheal Ochs

Within two or three visits, I was able to remove all shoe lifts and walk without lower back spasms. I was also conscious of how the one side of my lower ribcage was protruding. With careful myofascial release, my left side has loosened up and lowered what I was so acutely aware of. My neck and shoulders are stronger, and no longer become weak and painful after strenuous tasks.

I found Hands On Healing by calling several places for information on massage therapy.

During work, I pulled a muscle but the chiropractor was not able to see me. Hands On Healing was quick to respond and I was able to see them that same day. On arrival, I found their office to be peaceful and calm. The staff was friendly and well informed.

I had only wanted a neck and shoulder massage and was hesitant about being otherwise touched. After being examined, my physical condition was discussed in depth.

It was recommended that I allow the therapist to work on certain areas using myofascial release, which would benefit much. I can honestly say that this was the best choice I have made concerning my physical welfare.

Myofascial release is only one type of therapy or massage that is given at Hands on Healing. For the past 3 years, I have been visiting for this type of massage therapy. Not only has it strengthened my body, but it has also allowed me to clear my mind, and bring peace to my surroundings.

All this, a lasting, healing process, without medication!

I am able to focus on what is causing my pain and work on relaxing my body on my own. I would certainly recommend to anyone, young or old, to come and see for yourself the benefits of massage therapy at Hands On Healing.