Author: Alaina Fitzner
Rating: ★★★★★
Location: Montgomery, AL
Date: 20160303
Source: Client Submitted

“It was not just a physical difference, but an emotional one as well.”

Alaina Fitzner

I had the opportunity to meet the therapists at Hands on Healing while we were stationed at Maxwell Air Force.

I was desperate for a solution to my nausea and severe cramping and back pain. I had never experienced symptoms like that before and I knew something was not quite right.

I do want to note that I didn’t have any specific injury, but just over time from incorrectly lifting a heavy box, holding our children, exercising incorrectly, etc., all these “little things” had added up to one big back and neck pain that progressively was getting worse year after year.

I tried chiropractic as well as different health food vitamin supplements with no relief.

From the moment I met Jacob, I could tell that his focus was to really help me and make a significant positive difference. I was concerned about getting “sucked” into a program where I would feel good for a period of time and then I would have to continue to go back week after week and month after month to always have the relief.

I quickly found out that the philosophy in the studio is to help you get better so that you don’t need the constant care and you can learn how to do the stretches and movements that are right for your body at home.

Jacob was my therapist for the year we were in Alabama. He has a unique approach and just by looking at my body he could always tell what I needed to have worked on.

I did not go for a “feel good massage” nor did I have that mentality – I wanted to change. I knew that to have that happen I would have to be willing to do certain things that I had never tried before as well as stop doing things that I had been doing for years that had caused much of my pain.

For example, simple things like crossing my other leg or not standing lopsided were just a few things that seemed to help. I have always had very poor posture and had NO idea that the curve in my back was causing all sorts of issues with nausea, walking, holding my head up without neck pain, and just, in general, having the range of motion I should have.

After several appointments with Jacob we decided it would be beneficial to do the “Rolfing Sessions”. It is hard to put into words what a difference that made for me. It was not just a physical difference, but an emotional one as well.

I am the kind of person that is happy and go lucky and my glass is usually overflowing and not half empty, but through this process, I realized there were things in my life that were not complete or I did not have closure on. It was very cool to see how through letting go and being open to change, I was able to work through some challenging situations that I was faced with.

Many people asked me “did it hurt” and my answer is no, but there were times of minor discomfort, but that quickly went away. I found out that this was a “package deal” and to fully get the results there were going to be things I had to do on my own to strengthen my back and my mind.

Looking back, the one thing I wish I would have done more faithfully was the exercises they were ALWAYS showing me. I would do them for a few days after my appointments and then life would take over and I would forget. It was always obvious when I was on track and off track because my body made it very clear. So, my recommendation to get the FULL benefit of this solution is to do the exercises as best you can for optimum results.

It is almost a year later that I write this testimony and I can tell you that my body feels MUCH better.

I would give anything to be able to walk into Hands on Healing and see Anthony and Jacob right now. The biggest difference I found at the studio from anywhere else is the true knowledge of the body and how it works. Everyone that works there is VERY skilled and top notch!

Anyone considering checking out their studio shouldn’t think too long about it because I tell you as we now live in Virginia and there are TONS and TONS of massage studios, I have YET to find anything that comes close to Hands On Healing.

Truly this studio and the therapists are phenomenal. I think the world of Jacob and Anthony and applaud them for having the heart to make a difference one person at a time.

Enjoy your experience!

Alaina Fitzner