Author: Sam Tucker
Rating: ★★★★★
Location: Montgomery, AL
Date: 20171120
Source: Client Submitted

In May 2000 I suffered a debilitating back injury as a result of a parachuting accident while training with the United States Air Force.

The fractured vertebrae in my spine was the least of my problems as I suffered extensive damage to nearly every disk in the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical sections of my spine.

The resulting injuries limited the range of motion of nearly every joint in my body to include my knees, ankles, hips, and shoulders. The initial diagnosis and long-term effects from the accident were quite grim. At first, the diagnosis was that I would not walk again. This finding proved false and eventually, I was informed that continuing flying in high-performance, high-G aircraft was no longer an option for me.

Recently I was reassigned to Maxwell Air Force Base (AFB) to attend Air Command and Staff College, which effectively took me out of the cockpit for a year. Initially, I purchased an inversion table, which gave some initial relief, as the table would relieve the pressure to my disks, however, the relief was somewhat short-lived. Next, I began to see a chiropractor, initially on my own dime, then later at the clinic at Maxwell AFB.

Once we moved to Montgomery, my wife noted the relief I experienced from massage therapy and informed me that I would be continuing with the therapeutic massages. She called Hands On Healing and requested a therapist call me back with a time they would be available to begin what would prove to be the most beneficial period of treatment and relief from the pain I have experienced in my life.

Candice Williams returned the call and set up our first appointment. During our first appointment, she first assessed how I distributed my weight between my stances and offered some stretching techniques to aid in her therapeutic massage sessions.

Candice understood my inexperience with massage and ensured I was comfortable with every technique she would try before initiating the procedures. She identified that additional injuries I have sustained during my life may have also added to the discomfort I have experienced and has been able to alleviate these discomforts for me.

I shall never forget the day that Candice identified that the source of a great deal of my discomfort was from my activated psoas muscle.

Identifying and releasing this muscle has caused so much relief for me, it is not possible for me to express in words what this has done for me. The simple act of releasing this muscle has allowed me to once again pick up my children with ease; something I have not enjoyed in over ten years.

The only regret I have with Hands On Healing and Candice Williams is that I will be moving to Washington D.C. this summer and will have to find another massage therapist to continue with the therapy I have received to this point.

The therapy I have received has allowed me to get in a physical shape I have not enjoyed since I was in high school, nearly 20 years ago. I feel better, my overall mood has improved, and most of all I do not wake up every morning in pain.

For years, I was forced to sleep on the floor or another firm area rather than sharing my bed with my wife. I now sleep every night in my own bed and wake pain-free.

I owe so much to Candice Williams and the staff of Hands On Healing, I just wish I could take them with me to D.C.!

I have recommended Hands On Healing, and will continue to do so, for every person I know who is experiencing debilitating pain.