Massage Prices & Discounts

"Traditional" Massage

This is the type of session most people look for when they think of Massage Therapy. Includes Deep Tissue, Swedish, or Relaxation massage.

"Traditional" Massage Prices

  • 30-minute Session: $45
  • 60-minute Session: $70
  • 90-minute Session: $100

Prepay Options & Gift Cards

Our "Traditional" Massage service is available for purchase online.

For personal use, you can prepay a single session or take advantage of our money-saving Discount Packages when buying multiple sessions.

Looking for a unique gift idea? The gift of massage is something most everyone desires but is rarely requested. Our Gift Cards and vouchers are ideal for friends and family, or to show your appreciation for your dedicated employees.

"Standard" Bodywork

This level of therapy is for those in need of more than traditional massage, and is appropriate for most pain management and postural issues.

"Standard" Bodywork Prices

  • 30-minute treatment: $55 per session
  • 60-minute Treatment: $80 per session
  • 90-minute Treatment: $110 per session

"Standard" Bodywork Discount Packages

Prepay for multiple "Standard" Bodywork sessions and save money!

"Advanced" Bodywork

For those looking to make complete changes to their bodies. These therapists have extensive training and can handle most any chronic pain and postural issues.

"Advanced" Bodywork Prices

  • Duration:¹
    • 60-minutes | Price: $105 per session
  • 1st session:²
    • Duration: 90-minutes | Price: $150 per session
    • 1st session includes:
      • Complete assessment
      • Bodywork treatment
      • Education in corrective exercises and/or stretches

¹Duration of session shown is approximate. "Advanced" Bodywork typically involves multiple sessions and duration may vary slightly for each treatment.

²All future sessions are 60 minutes in duration.

"Advanced" Bodywork Discount Packages

Prepay for multiple "Advanced" Bodywork sessions and save money!

Structural Integration

Structural Integration (a.k.a. "Rolfing") sessions are provided by Jacob Laputka.

Structural Integration Price

  • Package Price*: $1,000 for 10 sessions

*Price based on rate of $100.00 per week.

Assessment & Screening

Hands On Healing offers Postural Assessment and Functional Movement Screening services. For more details, click here »

Assessment & Screening Fee

  • FREE with every paid session!
  • Also available for consultation purposes at a nominal fee*

*Consultation fee can be applied towards future therapy sessions. Some restrictions may apply. Contact Hands On Healing for details.

Gift Certificates

Give the Perfect Gift!

Looking for a unique gift idea? Show someone how much you appreciate them by giving a gift of relaxation and stress relief!

Hands On Healing has gift cards and certificates available for purchase online, in-store, or over the phone!

Referral Discounts

Ask About Our Referral Program

Thank you for helping us spread the word about our massage and bodywork services. To show our appreciation, Hands On Healing offers a Referral Discount Program!

Each time you refer a friend, we'll provide you with a discount coupon redeemable during your next visit.

Contact Hands On Healing for details. Some restrictions may apply.