Hands On Healing offers alternative solutions for the relief and management of pain and pain-related disorders.

We’re located in Montgomery, Alabama near the intersection of on Vaughn Rd and Bell Road.

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Going to Great Pains

For those who suffer from persistent aches or chronic pain, the search for relief can be an exhausting and “painful” experience.

  • Did your session at a massage spa alleviate your discomfort temporarily?
  • Have you visited a Chiropractic Clinic in search of pain relief but felt you needed to see them again the next day?
  • After receiving Physical Therapy, were you unable to achieve the pain recovery you hoped for?
  • Does it seem like the only solution your Physician offers is more pain medication?

The staff at Hands On Healing has over 25 years of combined experience and are fully capable of providing “traditional” massage therapy.

But for the treatment of chronic pain, did you know there are alternative, more effective treatments?

Treating Pain Symptoms vs. Causes

There is always a cause to pain.

Those who suffer from pain and discomfort are often confused about the difference between treating the symptoms of pain and treating its underlying causes.

When healthcare providers treat pain symptoms, relief is often evasive, partially effective at best, and short lived.

At Hands On Healing, our therapists are specially trained and certified in the area of pain management. Our approach to providing pain relief focuses on treating the causes, not only the symptoms.

Our philosophy and therapeutic approach is to make the greatest impact on your body.

Permanent Solutions for Pain

Hands On Healing offers a variety of modalities consisting of physical manipulation and assessment tools designed to provide the greatest impact on your body.

Our goal is to make you feel better AND stay better by providing long lasting relief.

Our approach to managing pain is NOT “protocol driven” (or cookie-cutter). We custom tailor our therapeutic sessions for each client’s individual needs.

For more information about our Pain Management services, contact Hands On Healing.

Pain Relief – Related Articles

Hands On Healing offers solutions for Pain Relief in Montgomery, Alabama.

Read our articles about issues related to pain and learn more about our philosophy and approach to pain management.

Head & Neck Imbalance

Neck Pain Therapy Montgomery AL - woman feeling neck tension cradles her head in her hand

Neck pain and tension are often the result of structural imbalances between the head and neck, due to issues related to the Brachial Plexus, tightness of the chest, and poor head/neck posture.

The Joint-by-Joint Approach

Joint Therapy Montgomery AL - Running skeleton on a background showing heart rate

When a joint deviates from its ideal function, it can cause the joint either below or above to compensate and potentially develop symptomatic conditions and pain. The Joint-by-Joint approach to therapy addresses these conditions.

Feeling Stress in Your Shoulders?

Shoulder Pain Treatment Montgomery AL - unhappy man suffering from pain in shoulder

Many people complain that they feel an ache from the tops of their shoulders up into their neck. Shoulder muscles that shorten and become too tight or strong can cause spasms, cramps, and ache on a regular basis.

Shoulder Joints & Function

Shoulder Joint Therapy Montgomery AL - Woman resting sore shoulders after rowing canoe on lake

Poor shoulder function and shoulder joint mobility problems can be caused by a variety of dysfunctions, including impingement syndrome and pain issues related to misalignment, overuse, and rotator cuff tears.

The Knee

Knee Pain Treatment Montgomery AL - close up of woman rubbing a painful knee

The most commonly and adversely affected joint involved with improper walking is the knee. Misaligned knee joints can lead to kneecap pain, poor knee stability, and serious ligament injury.

Hip Pain

Hip Pain Therapy Montgomery AL - woman suffers from hip pain at the desk

Hip Pain may affect one’s ability to walk and cause discomfort when sitting or lying down. However, hip “problems” are often the result of radiating pelvic pain. By treating the issues related to the pelvis, we can alleviate perceived issues with the hip.

Shin Splints & Compartment Syndrome

Shin Splints Treatment Montgomery AL - Tibia - frontal view diagram

Dysfunctions of the lower leg, including issues with Shin Splints and a condition called Compartment Syndrome, can be the result of poor foot posture or overuse injuries and lead to leg pain, swelling, and other problems.

Cross Pattern of Pain Development

Pain Assessment Montgomery AL - woman shields her face with multiple hands

Identifying the source of chronic pain, and providing the correct therapy, can be a challenge. Sometimes pain sends signals to the brain so you’ll quickly stop pushing too far and causing much more serious damage.

The Pain-Tension Cycle

Alternative Pain Relief Montgomery AL - woman in jeans and sweater feeling pain and isolation

The cycle of pain and tension can quickly lock itself down and continue to torment someone with each passing day. Properly applied manual release techniques offer a safe alternative for pain relief.

Lower Back Pain

Back Pain Therapy Montgomery AL - woman massaging lower back pain

Lower back pain associated with Disc Herniation, Chronic Psoas Tightness, and other conditions can be treated with bodywork therapies that promote and maintain strong backs, healthy spines, and good posture.

Body Balance & The Jaw

Jaw Pain Treatment Montgomery AL - man rubbing his painful jaw

Postural patterns or imbalances in your body may be contributing to problems with jaw pain or teeth grinding, a disorder called Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, or TMJD for short.

Your Miraculous Feet

Foot Health Problems Montgomery AL - bare feet standing on small rock in creek

Problems with your feet can lead to pain, mobility, and other health issues. With proper treatment, many conditions of the feet can be greatly improved upon, and the overall effect for someone’s entire body can be astounding.

Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome

Sciatic Leg Pain Therapy Montgomery AL - man inspecting his painful leg

Experiencing intense sharp shooting pains in your legs? It might be associated with Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome. Leg pain can be alleviated if the condition is properly assessed and treated.

Tendinitis & Bursitis

Tendinitis Bursitis Treatment Montgomery AL - man holds an inflamed painful elbow

A diagnosis of tendinitis or bursitis is often an open-ended problem with very little to explain the cause of one’s pain or dysfunction. In most cases it’s due to inflammation of tissues in the body.