Hands On Healing offers Deep Tissue Massage services for those looking for relief from tight, achy muscles.

Anthony Allegro, owner and manager, opened our studio in 2003 to serve clients in Montgomery and central Alabama.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

One of the most commonly requested services at our practice, Deep Tissue Massage helps with relaxation as well as some issues of pain.

Other massage techniques, like Swedish Massage, typically address only the surface layers of muscle. However, some problems stem from tight and knotted muscles that lie deeper in the body.

Deep Tissue Massage is a slower moving session, enabling your massage therapist to reach deeper tissues.

This therapy is used to treat a variety of chronic muscle conditions, including:

How Deep Tissue Massage Works

Chronic muscle pain caused by injury or tension is often the result of adhesions.

Adhesions are twisted, rigid bands, located in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the affected area. These adhesions have a tendency to hinder blood circulation as well as cause inflammation of the surrounding tissues, which can lead to limited mobility and chronic pain.

During a Deep Tissue session, one of our licensed massage therapists applies massage oil to the troubled areas, using slow strokes and progressively greater pressure to reach the sub-layers and fascia.

This therapeutic technique is designed to:

  • Release tension
  • Improve circulation
  • Relieve pain

The process of Deep Tissue Massage begins slowly because the massage therapist must first relax and loosen surface layers of muscle before greater pressure can be applied to deeper tissues.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage offers relief and recovery for many health issues.

There are numerous benefits, including:

As part of an injury rehabilitation program or ongoing therapeutic treatment, Deep Tissue Massage has been found effective for:

Deep Tissue Precautions

A Deep Tissue Massage session should never be painful or overly uncomfortable.

Each client has a different pain/comfort threshold level. During your massage session, if your therapist applies too much pressure at any time or on a specific area of your body, please let them know so they can make appropriate adjustments.

Under certain circumstances, Deep Tissue Massage should not be performed. The technique is not recommended:

  • Too soon after a surgery
  • When open wounds, rashes, or skin disease are present
  • Directly over tumors, hernias, fractures, or bruises

In some instances, you may wish to consult with your doctor before seeking Deep Tissue Massage. Examples include people who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Prone to blood clotting
  • Dealing with osteoporosis

Our Deep Tissue Specialists

Our highly-trained therapists are “deep thinkers” on the subject and practice of Deep Tissue Therapy.

Sandi Walker, LMT

Sandi graduated from massage therapy school in 2014. Eager to make a difference, she sought out Hands On Healing specifically for our types of therapy and the level of work we are known for in Montgomery.

Carla Wall, LMT

Carla felt a deep desire to be part of a team with a goal-oriented approach for the improvement and restoration of one’s overall active health, leading her to join our advanced bodywork program at Hands On Healing.

Prepay Options & Gift Ideas

Our Deep Tissue Massage service is available for purchase online as a single session, part of a money-saving Discount Package, or Gift Card.

Gift Cards & Vouchers

Our prepaid card is a great gift idea for family and friends, or to show your appreciation for your hard-working employees in need of a much deserved break!

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