Hands On Healing, located in Montgomery, Alabama, offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage services that help detox the body and boost the immune system.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic Drainage, also referred to as Manual Lymphatic Drainage, or “MLD” for short, is a type of massage therapy that utilizes light massage techniques to increase the flow of the lymph system.

Lymph massage is particularly effective at treating edema and detoxification as well as patients of liposuction and plastic surgery.

Hands On Healing rarely performs full sessions of MLD.

However, we DO integrate the technique, as needed, with other massage and bodywork therapies like Deep Tissue or Sports Massage to accelerate the healing process.

Lymph System Explained

The lymph system assists with the circulation of blood in the human body.

It is located just beneath the layers of skin so its movements are slow and light. The nodes and vessels within the system are responsible for eliminating toxins, bacteria, viruses, cellular waste and excess water from the body.

If the lymph system becomes blocked, these waste items cannot be removed and the body becomes sick, tissues swell, and the immune system is compromised.

To prevent such waste buildup from occurring, or to alleviate the effects of a blocked lymphatic system, lymph drainage massage is administered. Lymph drainage massage is commonly administered to the facial area, but it can also be applied full body.

How Lymph Drainage Helps

As its name implies, Lymphatic Drainage administers light massage techniques that help to unblock the lymph system, allowing it to drain the body of harmful waste materials.

Licensed lymph massage therapists effectively massage the lymphatic system which stimulates it into action. Once stimulated, the lymph system drains the body of built up waste, causing puffiness to dissipate, the immune system to revitalize and healing to take place.

During these sessions, blocked or irritated lymph nodes are “milked,” or massaged, to free them up and start a better flow process. Then a very light pressure is used to create a flow from the distal portion of the body to the center of the body.

Lymph drainage massage is often used post surgery to help with recovery and reduce swelling and scarring.

This occurs because the practice stimulates cell and tissue regeneration as well as eliminates toxic substances in the blood which can hinder the healing process.

To learn more about Manual Lymphatic Drainage, contact our team of massage specialists at Hands On Healing.