Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Hands On Healing performs Orthopedic Massage Therapy to compliment other massage services we provide.

What is Orthopedic Massage?

Our highly-trained therapists utilize specific orthopedic tests to better determine what condition a client might be suffering from, enabling us to:

  • Maximize the effectiveness of our manual therapies
  • Make the best use of our client’s time (and money)

Orthopedic massage is similar to Neuromuscular Therapy because both use a “problem solving” approach when assessing symptoms and identifying their cause.

Orthopedic testing enables a therapist to determine the best course of action and a specific protocol for treatment of a specific condition.

Benefits of Orthopedic Testing

Orthopedic techniques enable Hands On Healing providers to:

Orthopedic massage complements our other Bodywork and manual therapies and is usually worked into other sessions, like Myofascial Release, on an as-needed basis.

Our Certified Orthopedic Therapist

Anthony Allegro, LMT

Anthony graduated from massage school in January of 2000 and opened Hands On Healing in 2003. Upon requests from clients to help them find relief and discover a better place, he started his journey into the world of pain management.

Prepaid Manual Therapies

Our Massage and Bodywork sessions are available for purchase online.

You can prepay for personal use OR purchase as a Gift Card for someone special.