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“Frequently Asked Questions” AND answers about Hands On Healing.

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About Our Practice

What sets Hands On Healing apart from other “massage” providers?

At Hands On Healing, the difference between us and the “other guys” is in the way we approach massage as an actual therapy.

Our holistic approach to healthcare is why we evaluate the whole person, helping you function better on a daily basis, both mentally and physically.

We take the necessary time and effort to thoroughly evaluate each client, ensuring you receive the proper therapy tailored to your specific needs.

Our slogan reflects our philosophy:

“Feel better today, stay better for a lifetime!”

Hands On Healing

Learn more about our philosophy on massage.

Where are you located and when are you open?

Hands On Healing has been serving clients in Montgomery and central Alabama since 2003!

Our studio is located at 6944 Vaughn Road near the intersection of Bell Road.

We’re easy to find, have plenty of free parking, and open 6-days a week.

Click here to find us on Google Maps, access detailed driving directions, and view our hours of operation.

How are you different from a Chiropractor?

People occasionally ask if our manual therapies interfere with a chiropractic adjustment.

While chiropractors and massage therapists use their hands to treat patients, there are differences between them, including the training each receives and treatment protocols.

However, most chiropractors will wholeheartedly recommend massage for specific patients. Each therapy, when applied correctly, is complimentary of the other.

For example, it’s best to combine therapies in specific orders, such as receiving massage and soft-tissue release before a chiropractic treatment to not overly irritate the adjustment after it’s in place.

Learn more on the topic by reading our blog post titled, “Taking A Multidisciplinary Approach.”

Can you help me if I’m already seeing a Physical Therapist?

Many people benefit from the services offered by both massage therapists and physical therapists, either at different times in their lives or in conjunction with each other.

Massage therapists may work with a patient for their entire life, while physical therapists are trying to get their patient “better” so they can move on.

Massage therapists use techniques designed to treat both the physical body and the mind and can be an effective treatment for stress and some forms of depression.

Physical therapists are more focused on fixing a particular problem in a specific area of the body, such as the lower spine. Physical therapy also requires a doctor’s prescription, while massage therapy does not.

For additional insights, read our blog post titled, “Healthcare – A Different View.”

What are your therapist’s qualifications?

Our staff of therapists has over 25 years of combined experience in the massage industry!

Each is licensed by the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy and has earned the credential of Licensed Massage Therapist or “LMT” for short.

Additionally, our therapists are certified to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the event of an emergency.

To learn more about our dedicated team of massage professionals, visit our staff profiles.

Our Services

Do you offer “regular” massage?

Yes, we do!

We’ve been rubbing and kneading sore muscles and achy joints in Montgomery since 2003, offering both “traditional” and advanced therapeutic massage techniques.

Learn more about the different massage services we offer.

What is Bodywork?

Bodywork is an alternative form of physical manipulation designed to promote health and healing.

Combined with specialized assessment tools, our bodywork sessions are tailored to the client and make use of manual therapies, breath work, and other techniques.

To learn more, visit our “Bodywork Services Overview” page.

What’s the difference between Massage and Bodywork?

While massage is useful for providing immediate symptom relief, bodywork addresses the underlying patterns and deep-rooted causes that give rise to discomfort.

Compared with traditional massage, bodywork is a more goal-oriented, site-specific type of therapy focused on helping balance the body.

For a more in-depth explanation, read our article titled, “Massage vs. Bodywork – What’s the Difference?

Can you help me with my…?

In most cases we can!

Our advanced assessment tools, therapeutic sessions, and ongoing consultation services offer relief and recovery from a variety of conditions and issues.

For more information, contact Hands On Healing or view our list of common ailments and related support services.

Appointments & Cancellations

How do I schedule an appointment?

Three quick, easy, and convenient options!

  1. Call our studio during our regular business hours.
  2. REQUEST an appointment 24/7 on our website using our convenient online form.
  3. BOOK an appointment anytime of day or night on our website via our MINDBODY integration.

Someone from Hands On Healing will be in touch shortly (or the following business day) to finalize and confirm your appointment.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

We understand that unexpected circumstances arise and you may need to reschedule an appointment.

We are happy to accommodate our clients who do not abuse this courtesy.

Please take a moment to review our appointment-related policies and payment obligations.

Do you have cancellation policy?

Like any responsible business, we have appointment policies that cover rescheduling, cancellation, “no-shows,” and late arrivals.

We must enforce these policies in order to stay on-schedule, avoid inconvencing our other clients, and remain profitable.

Please take a moment to review our appointment-related policies and payment obligations.

Do I need to fill out any paperwork?

We require completion of a client intake form (“Confidential Health History”) prior to your first session.

You can fill out the form at our studio (please arrive 10-minutes early) OR use our convenient online form prior to your arrival. Click here to get started »

Therapy Sessions

I’m a new client. What can I expect when I arrive?

At Hands On Healing, we take care of our clients from start to finish.

During your first visit, the therapist will thoroughly evaluate your current condition, address specific problem areas, and discuss your desired results.

Visit our “About” page and learn more about your first visit.

What are the stages of your therapeutic process?

At Hands On Healing, we’re very thorough!

Our typical bodywork “process” consists of a review of your health history, Postural Analysis, Functional Movement Screening (or “FMS”), a series of therapeutic sessions, and a Corrective Movement Program designed to sustain your progress.

To see a visual timeline with a “before and after” photo comparison (it’s pretty cool!), click this link.

How long before I feel relief?

Each person’s structure is unique.

The time needed to experience relief will vary from one client to another. The duration of each and the total number of sessions required also varies between clients due to individual differences and specific issues treated.

For more information, contact Hands On Healing. Also, check out our blog post titled, “Progression Through Multiple Sessions” for a more in-depth discussion.

How long will my session last?

See above answer ↑

How many sessions will I need?

See above answer ↑

Prices & Discount Packages

Do you accept insurance?

Sorry, we don’t accept insurance.

Do you offer any discounts?


Prepaying for multiple sessions will save you money, whether you’re buying for yourself or a friend.

Also, you can purchase our packages online, over the phone, or during your next visit to our studio.

Visit our “Online Store” for available discount packages.

I referred someone to your studio. Can you help me out?

First of all, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

And yes, we’re happy to return the favor through our “Referral Discount Program.”

For details about this program, click here.

Policies & Procedures

I’m nervous; it’s my first professional massage. What’s considered appropriate behavior during a session?

You can relax.

Our staff consists of highly trained professionals.

We have policies in place that define proper client/therapist interactions, including:

  • Our respect for client needs
  • Client/therapist communications
  • Inappropriate behavior

It’s important to note we have a zero tolerance policy regarding any form of inappropriate speech or behavior. Our policies exist to protect BOTH our clients and our therapists.

For more information, visit the “Client/Therapist Interaction” section on our “Policies & Procedures” page.

Does this website contain medical advice?


This website (including our blog) does not provide medical advice.

Information on this site, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only.

For details, please review our Medical Disclaimer »

Training & Education

Do you offer massage and bodywork training?

Hands On Healing is also the home to Postural Bodyworks Institute, or PBI for short.

PBI is a massage therapy instructional program located at our studio on Vaughn Road.

If you’re interested in furthering your career in the field of massage and bodywork, click here for details.

More Information

I still have questions. How can I get in touch?

Not finding what you need?

We’re here to help!

Just give us call or contact us online.