Postural Assessment & Analysis

Hands On Healing offers Postural Assessment and Analysis services for clients (or potential customers) in the Montgomery River Region and central Alabama.

What is Postural Assessment?

Postural Assessment is one of many evaluation tools used by Hands On Healing to help us understand what’s going on in your body.

When assessing new clients, we have you stand in front of us, next to a posture chart, so that we can determine if you’re experiencing any structural imbalances of the body.

We’ll also observe you as you walk as well as conduct some range of motion tests.

These tools and tests are part of our overall evaluation process, helping ensure we:

  1. Choose the appropriate type of Bodywork Therapy for your condition, including:
  2. Achieve the best results possible for our clients

Postural Analysis

Proper analysis and assessment of a client’s condition is critical for ensuring they receive the best possible therapy.

Over the last 50 years or more, bodywork and its related hands-on fields have experienced substantial growth in the realm of new techniques and methodologies.

As each method has its claim to fame for what it can do, some are often more suited for particular conditions, and may not match what some clients may need. However, with so many techniques available, how can a therapist know what procedure best meets the needs of a client?

For the therapists here at Hands On Healing, postural analysis has proven to be the most efficient and non-invasive assessment tool available.

This tool enables our therapists to gather a plethora of information about a client, just by looking at their physical structure.

Some of the smallest imbalances (and plenty of more significant issues) in the way someone walks or stands become highly evident to the trained eye, and help establish a base for creating and modifying treatment plans to ensure maximum results.

“Any mirror or photograph would reveal that a great many problems are matters of structure, of physics – of a three-dimensional body fitting very badly into a greater material universe…”

Ida P. Rolf

Benefits of Postural Analysis

Another benefit of postural analysis is that it molds the session and techniques around the client’s needs.

Each client receives their own uniquely designed treatment session, helping break the habit of “cookie cutter” bodywork that often leaves a client wanting for more.

“Before & After” Comparison

In many cases, photos are taken for “before and after” comparisons, much like the photograph in Figure 1.

These pictures help show the discernable change in someone’s body, as well as solidify for clients the changes they may feel in their bodies.

Related Client Testimonial:

Alaina Fitzner - Montgomery, AL

I was desperate for a solution to my nausea, severe cramping, and back pain. It is almost a year later and my body still feels MUCH better!

Postural Therapy BeforePostural Therapy After

Figure 1: “Before & After” (use slider for comparison)

Our Certified Posture Specialists

Jacob Laputka, LMT

Jacob attended the Utah School of Massage Therapy, considered one of the best massage schools in the country. He graduated as valedictorian of his class and specializes in Postural Analysis and Structural Bodywork.

Anthony Allegro, LMT

Anthony graduated from massage school in January of 2000 and opened Hands On Healing in 2003. Upon requests from clients to help them find relief and discover a better place, he started his journey into the world of pain management.

Postural Assessment for Extended Relief

A postural analysis is one of the most reliable and useful tools therapists have at their disposal.

As simple as it may seem, assessing one’s posture often makes the difference between a client experiencing three DAYS of relief as opposed to three WEEKS.

We encourage you to contact Hands On Healing and speak with one of our therapeutic massage providers about having your posture analyzed so we can discover what might otherwise go unnoticed.

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